Current Officers

Seneschal (Ends in 2024) Thorfinnr y Elsfiord (Tod Elford)

Exchequer (Ends in 2023) Rodrick Longschaunk (Rory Buhler)

Social Media and Webminister (Ends in 2024) Brynna Barth (Laura Griffis)

Minister of Arts & Sciences (Ends in 2023) Maggie Rue (Jen Sadler)

Chatelaine (Ends in 2024) Constance Waite (Lois Ament)

Chronicler (Ends in 2023) Catherine of Aksu (Catherine McLean)

Herald Pursuivant (Ends in 2023) Halfdan Rauthkinn (Mike Sanders)

Knight Marshal (Ends in 2024) Tarl Shadowraven (Marc Hall)

Minister of Lists (Ends in 2023) Rynea Von

Fencing Marshal (Ends in 2024) Jorah Sandor (Joel Little)

Thrown Weapons Marshal (Ends in 2023) Hrungnir Hjaldrbjorn (Braden Crawford)

Archery Marshal (Ends in 2024) Alrekr Bergsson (David Bessler)

Chamberlain/Gold Key (Ends in 2023) Constance Waite (Lois Ament)

Steward/Iron Key (Ends in 2024) Rollo Bastardson (Nathan Weaver)

Historian (Ends in 2023) Roderick Longschaunk (Rory Buhler)



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