The Hunter’s Horn

Our newsletter ,”The Hunter’s Horn”, has been out of publication for awhile.  But our new Chronicler, Catherine of Aksu, plans to change all that.  Plans are to put out the first re-issue of “The Hunter’s Horn” in May. There will be three issues a year:

  • May-August Issue             Deadline for input:   May 1  with distribution  May 15   (which can cover news and highlights of Bacon Bash and pre-Pennsic, etc.)
  • September-December Issue            Deadline is September 1 with distribution September 15  (which covers news and anything post Pennsic, etc.)
  • January-April Issue             Deadline is Jan. 1  with distribution Jan. 15       (which covers 12th night if we have one, Hunter’s Home’s birthday celebration, the pre-bacon-brew-bash, etc.)