Æthelmearc Holiday Shoot Event

Æthelmearc Holiday Shoot VI
Shires of Hunters Home and Coppertree
Dec. 09, 2023
9:00Am – 8:00PM

Archery World
Route 157
886 Sporer Rd, Venus, PA 16364

Archers of the Sylvan Kingdom, please come join us for a day of challenging indoor archery, holiday fellowship, and fabulous prizes!

The Shires of Hunter’s Home and Coppertree are combining forces to bring you the Æthelmearc Holiday Shoot, at the ENORMOUS indoor archery range of Route 157 Archery World in Venus, PA, on December 9th, 2022, from 9 AM to 8 PM.


There are over 80 3D targets at ranges out to 50 yards to be shot, as well as a few surprises in store from your co-Autocrats and Marshals-in-Charge, THL Alrekr Bergsson (David Bessler – bessler128@gmail.com) and Baron Snorri skyti Bjarnarson (David Haldenwang – hivemind@mvgc.net).

In addition, this shoot will also incorporate the Kingdom Archery Championship for Their Highnesses Arnthor and Ceirech’s winter reign.

The site fee is $20, with a $5 discount for members. Non-shooters are free – only shooters need pay a site fee. Make checks payable to SCA PA, Inc.

The Event Reservations Clerk is …