Æthelmearc Holiday Shoot Event

Additional notes on Wheelchair Accessibility: Entrance and firing line is very accessible; the range is not. There is one unisex handicap accessible bathroom.

Aethelmearc Holiday Shoot VI
December 2, 2023, 9am-5pm
Route 157 Archery World, 866 Sporer Rd, Venus, PA, United States, Pennsylvania

Archers of the Sylvan Kingdom, please come join us for a day of challenging indoor archery, holiday fellowship, and fabulous prizes!

The Shire of Hunter’s Home brings you the Æthelmearc Holiday Shoot, at the ENORMOUS indoor archery range of Archery World .

There are over 80 3D targets at ranges out to 50 yards to be shot, as well as a few surprises in store from your co-Autocrat and Marshal-in-Charge, THL Alrekr Bergsson (David Bessler – bessler128@gmail.com)

Christmas Cap Caper
A company of capricious creatures have captured Claus’s collection of Christmas caps. Can a company of quick and canny commandos contain the chaos this caused? Clutch your quivers as we crack the case! This competition will be run throughout the day, and scoring will be efficiency based (i.e., the less arrows fired to retrieve all the caps, the better).

Collecting Presents
One thing shared by most holidays of this season is the giving of gifts. Fret not! The field is strewn with presents in all shapes and sizes! Throughout the day, your challenge is to collect as many of these gifts as possible, by any means necessary. Which, since we are archers, means shooting them! While each present is worth 1 point per hit, the rules for each present change (some are untimed with varying numbers of arrows, some are timed with various time limits).

Holiday Tournament
In the late afternoon, the top 4 scorers for each of the all-day shoots will compete in a tournament celebrating holidays from throughout the year. Since an archer could be in the top 4 for both contests, and because there could be ties for 4th place, there is no predicting exactly how many people will be in this tournament, so the exact structure and method of elimination will be determined on location.

There will be only a very small sideboard available. Please prepare a to bring a lunch with you.

Event Price: $10
Member Discount Price: $5
Range Cost (active archers only): $12
Make checks payable to Shire of Hunter Home SCA PA, Inc.

If you have any questions, please contact the co-autocrat, Thorfinnr Elsfiord (Tod Elford) thorfinnr.elsfiord@gmail.com