Brewing & Bacon Bash Event

Brewing & Bacon Bash VIII – Bacon Tax Refund

Shire of Hunter’s Home

April 15th, 2023

9:00am – 8:00pm

Utica Volunteer Firehall,

3860 Academy Street, Utica, PA

After much deliberation a settlement has been reached.  The Autocrat demanded an all-you-can-eat bacon sideboard for himself.  The feastocrat and their minions organized and raised protest about the disparity in bacon distribution and the economic uncertainty of knowing how much bacon the autocrat can eat.  HR was called.  Porcine sensitivity training was attempted.  Long arguments about “Wall Roads” and “Pork Foretellings” were had, but poorly understood.  The result.

  1. The event fee will be reduced by $5 (Adult Member Discount Event Registration is $5)
  2. A “Bacon Box Brunch” can be pre-ordered for $10 to the Feastocrat, Mistress Ottilige von Rappoltsweiler (A more detailed menu will be published on Facebook, but expect a lot of bacon in the box)
    1. The boxed lunch will include:
      Half a Pound of Bacon! 🥓🥓🥓
      Bacon Bread Twists 🥓🥓🥓
      Bacon Wrapped Dates 🥓🥓🥓
      Boiled Egg
      Cheese Cubes
      and Dessert
      Vegetarian option available upon request when you preorder.
      To preorder a boxed lunch please SEND AN EMAIL to with ‘Lunch’ in the subject line.
      Please preorder by Noon on April 10th.
      Lunch fee is payable to troll at the event.
      The only confirmed preorder is an EMAILED preorder!


This will be our “traditional” Heavy Combat Random Weapons Bearpit at the Borderwatch Training Hall. You and your opponent will have to roll a D20 to determine with what weapon you will use in the list. You have to roll the dice with every fight! It might be a spear, a dagger, a sword, a chicken… We will also provide the rubber chicken if you happen to roll the unlucky “13”. You need to hit them in the face with the chicken if you want to win that fight. We will have a supply of pre-inspected weapons you can borrow if you roll a weapon you didn’t bring yourself.


The sampling for the competition will be held in the outside shelter. This competition will be for beer/ale, cider, and wine/mead only. Judging will commence at 3PM, and will run in 15 minute increments for each entry. We will use the judging rubric currently posted on the brewers’ guild website.

Brewers should come prepared for active judging, meaning the brewer should be prepared to answer questions during the judging. Entries will be judged one at a time, and we will make every effort to judge multiple entries from a single brewer back-to-back. We can also attempt to schedule fighters later in the judging to give them maximum time to come off the lists. Documentation must be written, and should cover style, ingredients, and techniques/procedures for production. Where modern ingredients or techniques are used, the brewer should supply documentation for the period equivalent and an explanation of why the modern substitute was used (period ingredient is illegal in the USA, good vs. poor sanitation, etc.) Primary and secondary sources are preferred. We will not include presentation in the judging of Aesthetics, but all entries should be labeled with (as a minimum) the name of the brewer, the style of beverage, and whether or not sulfites have been added. For entries that require chilling, competitors should come prepared with their own cooler.

Traditionally this competition decided the The Brewers’ Guild Region 2 champion (the entrant from Region 2 scoring highest in the competition) and included an additional prize for the overall winner regardless of region.


Baroness Mistress Constance Waite ( is organizing classes for the event.  Please contact her if you wish to be put on the schedule. 


We have indoor space for seven 3x8ft tables for merchants. There is no additional fee for set up. Please contact our Merchant coordinator Catherine Lumhalghs (


Our MIC in charge of thrown weapons is Edward of Freehold



Adult Event Registration is $10,

Adult Member Discount Event Registration is $5,

Children 11-17: $5,

Children 10 and under: Free.

Make checks payable to SCA-PA, Inc. – Shire of Hunters Home. Reservations may be sent to the Autocrat.

AUTOCRAT for this event will be Thorfinnr y Elsfiord (Tod Elford) PO Box 1, Utica, PA 16362, 814-720-9017,

CO-AUTOCRAT is Baroness Mistress Constance Waite (Lois Ament)