Brewing Bacon Bash V – Brewing Competition


This competition will be for beer/ale, cider, and wine/mead only. Judging will commence at 3PM, and will run in 15 minuteincrements for each entry. We will use the judging rubric currently posted on the brewers’ guild website.

Brewers should come prepared for active judging, meaning the brewer should be prepared to answer questions during the judging. Entries will be judged one at a time, and we will make every effort to judge multiple entries from a single brewer back-to-back. We can also attempt to schedule fighters later in the judging to give them maximum time to come off the lists.

Documentation must be written, and should cover style, ingredients, and techniques/procedures for production. Where modern ingredients or techniques are used, the brewer should supply documentation for the period equivalent and an explanation of why the modern substitute was used (period ingredient is illegal in the USA, good vs. poor sanitation, etc.) Primary and secondary sources are preferred. We will not include presentation in the judging of Aesthetics, but all entries should be labeled with (as a minimum) the name of the brewer, the style of beverage, and whether or not sulfites have been added. For entries that require chilling, competitors should come prepared with their own cooler.

The Brewers’ Guild Region 2 champion will be the entrant from Region 2 scoring highest in the competition, with an additional prize for the overall winner regardless of region.