By-Laws of the Shire

By-Laws of the Shire of Hunters’ Home

The people of Hunters Home do hereby ordain and establish these By-laws, subject to the approval of the  Kingdom Seneschal and at the pleasure of their majesties.  


These rules and policies apply only to the populace who make their primary residence within the Hunters Home’s geographic boundaries. It shall be understood that these Rules and Policies are implemented  subject to federal, state, and local, and The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Order of Precedence of Law Stated in Corpora.  


  • Policy Changes 


      1. Only an officer of Hunters Home, Kingdom of Æthelmearc, or the Society for Creative Anachronism may call for a change in the By-Laws. 
      2. Proposed changes must be read at the regular meeting and published in The Hunters Horn.  
      3. Vote on said changes will take place at the following regular business meeting.  
      4. Voting is covered under Article III, Section B. 


  • Officers 


    1. Officers of Hunters Home of Hunters Home Offices required by Corpora and Kingdom are as follows: 
      1. Seneschal 
      2. Exchequer 
      3. Social Media and Webminister 
    2. Requirements to hold Office 
      1. Offices are as defined by Corpora and Kingdom law and policy, and Hunters Home needs.  
      2. Additional officers are subject to Kingdom approval.  
      3. All officers must make their principal residence within the geographical boundaries of Hunters Home. 
      4. All officers must maintain a current sustaining or family membership as defined by Corpora for the duration of their term.  
    3. Responsibilities of Officers. 
      1. Officer’s responsibilities shall be those outlined in corpora and Kingdom Law and policy.  
      2. Additional responsibilities. 
        1. Seneschal, their deputy or an appointed representative, shall hold meetings at least once a month.
        2. Seneschal, their deputy or an appointed representative, shall hold meetings at a site and time to be announced no later than the previous meeting.  
        3. The Seneschal or designates have the sole right to call a halt to debate when it  becomes heated or personal.  
        4. Meeting attendance. 
          1. All officers are required to attend or send a representative with a report to all business meetings. 
          2. Failure to submit for two consecutive kingdom reports will be deemed a voluntary resignation.  
        5. Each officer is responsible for the promotion of activities inherent to their office. 
        6. All officers must submit updates to The Hunters Horn that coincide with their Kingdom reports..  


  1. Deputies. 
    1. Any office required by Kingdom Law is required to have a deputy.  
    2. An officer may appoint as their deputy anyone who meets the requirements listed herein for that office. 
    3. Deputies are to be knowledgeable in the responsibilities of the office and prepared to  assume these responsibilities at any time.  
    4. Should an officer resign, or become unable to perform the required duties, the deputy shall take over the office until the original officer can resume or until the regular election date. 
  2. Term of Officer. 
    1. Term of office shall be for 24 months per elected term. 
    2. No officer may serve for more than two consecutive elected terms. 
  3. Succession of Officers. 
    1. Officer resignation/removal. 
      1. If the office has a deputy, then the deputy shall assume the duties of +-the absentee officer. 
      2. If there is no deputy, the Seneschal may appoint a volunteer to hold office until the regular election date or until the original officer can resume. Individuals must meet the  requirements set forth in Article II B 
    2. Officer election procedure is outlined under Article VIII, Section A. 
    3. Whenever an office changes hands it is the responsibility of the outgoing officer to transfer  all files and Baronial Property relating to the office to the successor or to the Seneschal, at or  before that business meeting and to notify the Kingdom supervisor of the change in office.  


  • Business Process 


      1. Meetings 
        1. Hunters Home will hold a business meeting monthly except for the month of August due to the Pennsic War.  
        2. Meetings shall be held at a set location to be determined at the previous month’s meeting.  
        3. The location, date, and time of the meeting will be announced on the email list server and at the preceding meeting. 
        4. Proxy or Absentee votes are not permitted.  
        5. Simple issues may be settled by a show of hands unless objected to by someone in  attendance. 
      2. All Business meetings shall be open to all comers. 
      3. Business should be performed at a meeting in the presence of a majority of the officers or their deputies.  
      4. The Seneschal has the prerogative to call for closed officer’s meetings. 


  • Publication 


    1. Hunters Home will have an published newsletter for the dissemination of news and other information of interest to its members.  
    2. The newsletter shall be known as The Hunters Horn
    3. The construction, editing, publishing, and distribution of The Hunters Horn shall be the responsibility of the Chronicler.  
    4. Every February on even years these By-Laws of Hunters Home will be published in The Hunters Horn in their entirety. Any addendums will be published electronically between printings. 



  • Finances  


      1. The finance Committee shall be the Exchequer, Seneschal, and a third officer selected by them.  
      2. Expenditures. 
        1. Expenditures of $100.00 or less may be authorized by the Finance Committee. 
        2. Expenditures of over $100.00 must be approved by a majority of the officers. 
        3. All Expenditures must be reported at the following meeting.  
        4. Events 
          1. Officers will not approve expenditures for proposed events unless they are presented with a written event bid.  
          2. All funds from events must be turned over to the Exchequer or  Seneschal. 
          3. All funds from events must be deposited to the proper account within 7 calendar days  from the end of the event. 
      3. Reimbursements. 
        1. Reimbursements require a receipt or copy of the original invoice.  
        2. All reimbursements of $100.00 of less can be authorized jointly by the Seneschal and  Exchequer. 
        3. All reimbursements of over $100.00 must be approved by a majority of the officers. 
        4. All event related reimbursements must be submitted within 14 days after the end of the event. 
        5. Any non-event related reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days. 
        6. All reimbursements must be reported at the following baronial meeting.
      4. Signatures. 
        1. All Baronial checks will require two signatures. 
        2. People to be on the signature card. 
          1. The Seneschal 
          2. The Exchequer 
          3. The Kingdom Exchequer 
          4. A third officer of Hunters Home, selected jointly by the Financial Committee 


  • Events 


      1. Bids submission. 
        1. All bids for baronial events must be submitted at a baronial meeting.  
        2. The Seneschal must call for prospective autocrats to submit a bid for annual baronial events  no later than nine months before the event date for events with budgets in excess of $ 1,000.00  and six months before all others.  
        3. The deadline for submissions will be set by the seneschal. 
        4. The choosing and acceptance of an event bid will be decided by a vote as outlined under Article III section A.5.  
        5. All event bids submitted in advance of the deadline defined by the seneschal shall be held by  the seneschal until the deadline, when all bids will be considered by Hunters Home members and  the winning bid selected. 
        6. The Bid must be submitted in writing on the kingdom event bid form.  
      2. Event finances and reporting are covered under Article V. 


  • Membership & Residency Requirements 


      1. A member of the Shire of Hunters’ Home shall be any person who resides within the boundaries of the Shire of Hunters’ Home.

        1. and is participating or have participated in Shire activities, and who remain in good contact with the Shire

        2. and is a paid member in good standing of the SCA at any level, including associate, sustaining, or family membership 

        3. or is a non-resident who has been granted Shire membership status.

      2. Any person who resides outside the boundaries of the Shire of Hunters’ Home may petition the Shire for membership status.…

        1. and is a paid member of the SCA

        2. and is not an Officer or participating member of any other SCA branch group,

        3. The Shire’s response to such a petition shall be determined by majority vote at the next general business meeting. 

        4. Shire membership granted under this section may be withdrawn for good cause by means of a majority vote of the Shire populace.


  • Election Procedures 


    1. Eligibility to Vote 
      1. An individual must be a shire member as defined in Section VII in order to vote on shire business. The seneschal shall ensure that all persons voting are eligible to do so, and may require proof of eligibility from any person intending to vote. 
      2. An individual must be 14 years of age or older in order to vote on all business, including shire officer elections. 
    2. Dates of Officer Elections. 
      1. The officer voting process will be at the September meeting. 
      2. On even numbered years the Seneschal, Herald, Minister of the Lists, Webminister, and Knight  Marshal shall be voted on. 
      3. On odd numbered years the Arts and Sciences, Exchequer, Chatelaine, and Chronicler  shall be voted upon.  
    3. Application for Office Process 
      1. Any shire member may submit a Letter of Intent in order to apply as a candidate for an office that is open for election. 
      2. Letters of Intent will be taken when an office becomes open for election. 
      3. Letters of Intent may be submitted at the January shire business meeting for offices with term expirations set for the February shire business meeting. 
      4. Candidate names will be published in the shire email list and website before the February meeting for offices with term expirations set for the February shire business meeting .
    4. Methods of Voting 
      1. Offices not filled by acclimation will be voted upon by secret ballot. 
      2. Ballots will be prepared 28 days in advance of the February shire meeting. 
      3. Ballots will be posted on the shire’s mailing list and be available for download, review and for use as an absentee ballot. 
      4. An election committee of three people will be created by referendum one month prior to the election.  
        1. It may consist of the attending elected officers defined in Section II whose offices are not up for re-election. 


  1. The election committee will be responsible for monitoring and counting the ballots.  They will provide the following methods to submit a vote.
    1. By attending the election meeting and submitting a secret ballot in person
    2. By means of a digital ballot prepared and monitored by the election committee
    3. By means of a prepared absentee ballot mailed to the election committee
      1. When using an absentee ballot it must be signed, dated and include membership number and expiration date, 
      2. and be sent directly to a member of the election committee to be received by the date of the meeting at which the vote is scheduled. 
    4. Proxy votes shall not be recognized or counted. 
  2. The nominee with the majority (51%) of votes is elected. If no nominee receives a majority (51%) of the vote, a runoff election will be held immediately between the two nominees with the most votes. 
  3. In the case of a tie vote for an office, the winner will be determined by a majority vote by the elected officers present, minus the Seneschal, who will cast their vote if there is a tie again.


These By-Laws were 1st placed upon review on the 1st day of November, 2021.  Upon review we the undersigned recognize these By-Laws following this 19th Day of February, 2022, Anno Societatis LVI